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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Could HTC release a Windows Phone 8 version of the One?

HTC sure seems happy with the way its One turned out – and we don’t blame the company. We’ve already seen evidence showing it copying the One’s design for the upcoming One Mini, and it seems likely that the One Max will follow suit. We’ve also seen HTC willing to offer the One running various software packages, like it’s doing with the Google Edition of the smartphone. All of that adds up to putting us in a place where the following idea, though definitely a bit unusual, doesn’t sound completely impossible: that HTC could release a Windows Phone 8 handset that’s essentially another version of the One.
Now, this rumor claims that the design might not be identical, but it would sure be recognizable as a One-series model. That might mean a slightly larger or smaller display, but the same metal construction. It sounds like1080p is still on the table (at least, if we’re looking at a screen in the 4.7 to 5-inch range), and this phone would arrive running the WP8 GDR3 software that enables such support.
If this turns out having any truth to it, do you think you might be interested in such a phone? Maybe HTC feels that the whole colorful, fun-looking WP8 hardware thing is becoming played-out, and wants to deliver a more elegant handset. In any case, we’re seriously curious to see if anything comes of this rumor over the next few months.
Source: Neowin
Via: WMPoweruser

iPhone 5S with dual-LED flash and bigger battery leaked

The middle ground between every major iPhone revamp is usually one to speculate about. In the case of the differences between iPhone 3G and 3GS, these were so invisible that unless you knew that the 3GS had shiny letters, you couldn’t tell one apart from the other. A similar story happened to the differences between the iPhone 4 and 4S. It’s hard to expect any significant differences between the iPhone 5 and the probable 5S, but new leaks tease some important ones.
As it turns out, this iPhone seen in photos includes a dual-LED flash, which would be an all-time first for the iPhone line-up. Reviews have praised the night shots of the iPhone 5 to resemble those of a point-and-shoot if you activate the flash, so it seems this is on its way to an improvement. Another difference that’s noticeable is that the battery on this leaked iPhone 5S is bigger than its predecessor at 5.92 Whr.
Obviously these are just the visible changes. There could be a ton more improvements under the hood that we haven’t noticed so stay tuned for more rumors.
Via: Engadget
Source: Mac Rumors

Android Nation Stores (RUMOUR)

As much as people mocked Apple for opening their own retail stores more than ten years ago, at times when they barely had a handful of products, the concept has proven to be so successful that we've now seen Microsoft follow the lead and Samsung (through Best Buy) as well. It’s really a very smart move to have control over the experience that users have with your product and not leave it in the hands of third parties.
In the case of Google, we do know that even though they haven’t opened any retail stores of their own (with the exception of their Google Play online store), they have been lending a hand to companies like Erafone in Indonesia in order to bring Android Nation stores throughout the country. In a similar fashion, the news today is that Google will now also be partnering with Spice Global in order to do the exact same thing in India.
There is still no specific time frame for the launch of the first store, but considering the fact that India is a big country, there should be a significant amount of these when this happens. Wouldn't it be great if they found a partner for a launch in the US? Stay tuned for that in the future.
Via: Engadget
Source: Times of India, Erafone (photo)